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The hackathon powered by

Google CloudEasy as Pie Serverless Hackathon

A virtual hackathon to build and deploy
serverless apps with Cloud Run, Cloud Functions and Workflows

Registration Open!
Submission Deadline: February 4, 2022

The Easy as Pie Hackathon Winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part in this awesome hackathon and Congratulations to all the Winners.
We will be in touch soon with more information on prize distribution and hope to see you at another event down the road.


Grand Prize Winner


Assistant ChatBot to help find/remind covid vaccination appointment slots. 


Best in Show Winners

(alpha order)


A cost-effective, self-hosting wordpress platform based on cloud technology. 

Dank League of Memeing Battlegrounds

The next great eSport for wasting time during sprint meetings.

MLess at Scale

Create, train and deploy a ML model in a serverless way for predictions in real time, at scale (BQML, Storage, CBuild, TFX, CRun)

Venture Capitol

Optimizing the business formation process for German startups. 

Tamil Aadal

A wordle like game for guessing and learning Tamil Language Words.

The Hackathon

In this hackathon, you’ll use Google Cloud’s Serverless products to build something creative, fun, and valuable.
Be ambitious.

We’re excited to see what you build and think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how rapidly your team will be able to build scalable, production quality software at lightning speed with Google Cloud.

Your objective is to build something you can demo. To accelerate your work and uplevel your skills, we’ll teach you how to deploy runnable code with Cloud Functions, containers with Cloud Run and combine services with Workflows.

We are hosting this hackathon to give you the access, tools and resources needed to bake your own serverless applications and deploy cloud apps without the expensive cost, complicated configurations or time consuming aspect of a non-serverless world. 

Google’s developer tools will be with you along the way. Use Client Libraries to connect to Google’s APIs with minimal code, deploy using Cloud SDK CLI, and edit your code through the Cloud Code in-browser IDE.

  By participating in this hackathon event you will:

  • Get exclusive early access to Cloud Functions (2nd gen)
  • Understand the benefits of serverless solutions using Google Cloud tools like Cloud Run, Cloud Functions and Workflows and how the methods you employ today can be elevated to more agile, responsive and more cost-effective solutions.  
  • Have access to the Google Cloud training and platform tools where you can expand your capabilities and re-tool your essential software and hardware needs into a more productive environment.

  Submission requirements for judging:

  • Create a team project page on the hackathon platform that details your solution and lists your teammates and captures your project assets
  • Incorporate at least one product of Google Cloud serverless technology
  • One slide presentation outlining details of your solution (an unrestricted link or pdf attachment)
  • 3-5 minute video detailing your use case along with your implementation
  • To be judged, your project must deploy and run



Hackathon Challenge #1: Baking a new data recipe

Bring one of your most sticky, time consuming, budget-draining, energy-sucking business functions and recreate them with the Google Cloud ingredients Cloud Run, Cloud Functions and Workflows into a new recipe. 

Hackathon Challenge #2: Mixing it up

Bring in your current builds - AI applications, ML models, chat bots/tools, or workflow automations - and reimagine them in a new way by using Google Cloud Run, Cloud Functions or Workflows. Here’s an opportunity to take one of your existing apps, concepts or deployments and retool it using Cloud Run, Cloud Functions and/or Workflows. 

Hackathon Challenge #3: Wildcard Leftovers

Do you have a solution that encompasses more than one of the challenges above? Do you have an idea that is completely out of the box, but still addresses the theme at hand? If so, the Wildcard challenge is for you! Use Cloud Run, Cloud Functions or Workflows with your own technology to create a unique and useful solution for corporations or every day coders and programmers. 

Who Should Attend

Enterprise developers

Data scientists

Cloud developers

All coders and programmers who write code

Developers working in AI/ML

Developers in enterprises who are using GCP

Developers using other serverless tools


$20,000 USD Prize Pool

Grand Prize

$10,000 USD

Grand Prize Winning Team will receive $10,000 USD (to be equally divided amongst team members).

Best in Show

$2,000 USD

Best in Show Teams will receive $2,000 for their team (to be divided equally amongst team members).

Best in Show

$2,000 USD

Best in Show Teams will receive $2,000 for their team (to be divided equally amongst team members).

Best in Show

$2,000 USD

Best in Show Teams will receive $2,000 for their team (to be divided equally amongst team members).

Best in Show

$2,000 USD

Best in Show Teams will receive $2,000 for their team (to be divided equally amongst team members). 

Best in Show

$2,000 USD

Best in Show Teams will receive $2,000 for their team (to be divided equally amongst team members).

BONUS: Registration Reward

If you're one of the first 100 Registrants, you'll receive a $25.00 Gift Card - so don't wait another second...

Judging Criteria

Judges will rank each eligible entry on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best for each judging criteria (detailed below), for a maximum of 30 points. Once every eligible entry is scored, the scores will be averaged for each Criteria to determine the final score for each eligible entry.

Criteria 1 - Technical Execution (10 points)

  • How has the team effectively utilized at least one core Google Cloud serverless products - Cloud Run, Cloud Functions or Workflows?
  • How advanced is the prototype presented?
  • How easy is the application to use? 

Criteria 2 - Completeness (10 points)

  • How soon could your project go to market?
  • What's been left out? 

Criteria 3 - Return on Investment (10 points)

  • Is the project cost effective?
  • Is the project worth pursuing?

Event Schedule

Tue | December 7, 2021

Registration Opens! Platform is now LIVE. Watch for registration incentives and sign-up today

Mon | December 13, 2021

Kickoff Webinar: Hackathon Overview and Challenge Review @ 10:00am (PT)

Tue | December 14, 2021

Cloud Run Webinar: With Google Product Manager @ 11:00am (PT)

Wed | December 15, 2021

Cloud Functions Webinar: With Google Product Manager @ 11:00am (PT)

Thu | December 16, 2021

Workflows Webinar: With Google Product Manager @ 12:00pm (PT)

Thu | January 13, 2021

Eventarc Webinar: With Google Product Managers @ 11:00am (PT)

Fri | January 14, 2022

Cloud SDK Webinar: With Google Product Manager @ 11am (PT)

Tue | January 18, 2022

Big Query Webinar: With Google Product Manager @ 11:00am (PT)

Date/Time To Be Determined

Team Formation Webinar: Join this webinar to find teams and team members

Fri | February 4, 2022

Registration Closes: @11:59am (PT)

Fri | February 4, 2022

Project Submission Deadline: @12:00pm (PT)
(late submissions will not be accepted)

February 7 - February 24

Judging Period: Validation, Shortlisting and Judging Process

Tue | February 25, 2022

Winners Announcement!

Google Cloud Resources

Can't create from scratch without the right ingredients! Find useful resources here:

Google Cloud Run allows for containerization to production in seconds, it’s fully managed and offers an enhanced developer experience. 

Google Cloud Functions is a serverless execution environment for building and connecting cloud services.

Workflows Orchestrate and automate Google Cloud and HTTP-based API services with serverless workflows.

Big Query is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data.

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